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Tyler Beckerle is an attorney specializing in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. He prides himself on client satisfaction and helping victims through financially and emotionally difficult times. Tyler was a collegiate athlete and enjoys the competitiveness of litigation. He is happy to speak with you about your potential case and may be reached at tyler@bistatelaw.com
25 Apr, 2017

Injuries That Occur Over Time/Repetitive Trauma

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What are Repetitive Trauma Injuries?

Some injuries happen in a single instance. Others takes months or even years to develop. In Workers’ Compensation, injuries that occur over a period of time […]

9 Apr, 2017

Insurance Company Stopped My Treatment But I’m Still Hurt

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The Insurance Company Stopped My Medical Treatment, But I’m Still Hurt

You’re hurt at work. At first, your employer does the right thing and sends you off for treatment. Everything seems to […]

2 Apr, 2017

How Does Permanent Total Disability Work in Missouri?

By |April 2nd, 2017|Articles, Missouri Work Comp Act|0 Comments

Do I Have A Permanent Total Disability Work Comp Case?

The Missouri Workers’ Compensation Commission is sometimes asked to decide whether the injured worker is permanently and totally disabled. Permanent Total […]

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