Workers Compensation is often referred to as “The Great Bargain” between workers and employers. In this “Bargain” Employers gain immunity from lawsuits when their workers are hurt on the job, even if the injuries are caused by the Employers’ negligence.

In exchange for giving up rights in civil court, Employees are guaranteed to receive medical care and compensation from the Employers’ insurance companies. The Employers are required to carry insurance in Missouri if they have 5 employees. Essentially, workers compensation is a no-fault system where workers have an opportunity to recover from their injuries and get back to work without risk to their jobs.

Unfortunately, many of the protections guaranteed to Employees in Missouri have been eroded away by constant revisions to the Missouri Workers Compensation Act. These changes consistently create more protections for Employers and can make it very difficult for Employees to recover, especially if the hurt worker is trying to navigate the Workers Compensation system without a lawyer.

Despite work comp claims becoming more difficult in Missouri, you are guaranteed 3 Benefits, so long as your injury falls under the Work Comp Act and you follow the rules.


Missouri Workers Compensation Act

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