The Missouri Department of Labor compiled and released statistics for all of the Workers Compensation Claims in 2017.  We have summarized these statistics below to help you understand the trends and impacts facing the Missouri Work Comp system.  Missouri Work Comp lawyers and insurance companies use these numbers to determine the jobs that face the most risk at work, as well as the types of injuries different employees suffer.

What’s in the 2017 Missouri Work Comp Report?

The Missouri Work Comp Report breaks down:

  • The number of reported injuries at work and the number of Missouri Work Comp Claims filed;
  • The number of injuries reported in each industry; and
  • The types of injuries suffered at work, broken down by industry, gender, and body part.

2017 Work Comp Breakdown

2017 Missouri Work Comp


Download the full 2017 Report.

Injured At Work In Missouri?

If you or a loved one have been hurt at work and have questions about your Missouri Work Comp Claim, call us! We provide free consultations and are happy to explain your rights under the law. Most importantly, we do not treat you like a statistic. Work injuries can devastate families, particularly if the Missouri Work Comp Claim is not handled with skill and compassion.