Machine Shop Hand Injuries

 7,257 injured workers filed Missouri Workers Compensation cases in February 2017 – how many of those injuries could have been avoided?  Sadly, Machine shop hand injuries happen every single day in Missouri. As Missouri work comp lawyers, we know that those injuries can all be prevented. The 7,257 injuries in a single month don’t include the “close calls” like in this video. This video presents a real world situation that happens every day, and we have represented too many people who have lost fingers and hands in injuries just like this.  We need to work together to prevent machine shop hand injuries and other unnecessary dangers that hurt workers in Missouri.  If you have been hurt at work and suffered machine shop hand injuries, we can help.

Have you had a “close call” at work?

Missouri Workplace Accidents

We’ve just watched a close call that happens far too often in machine shops and factories throughout Missouri.  Let’s stop these machine shop hand injuries.

Let’s talk about about we can prevent machine shop hand injuries and how we can make workplaces safer across Missouri.

Video credit to (unfortunately no longer active site).