Missouri employers must report every workplace injury to the Missouri Division of Workers Compensation.  This happens by filing a First Report of Injury. The only exception is if an injury did not require medical care, like a paper-cut or a simple headache.  104,087 First Report of Injury notices were filed in Missouri during 2016.  Importantly, a First Report of Injury does not formally start your Missouri Work Comp claim.  The First Report of Injury notifies the State of Missouri and the employer’s insurance company that a work injury occurred.

Missouri First Report of Injury

Under Section 287.380, the Missouri Workers Compensation Act requires that employers provide a detailed report of a workplace injury. The Report of Injury must be made within 5 days of the employer learning of the injury.  The employer and its insurance company can report a workplace injury in a variety of ways, but the State of Missouri provides a First Report of Injury Form that meets all of the statutory requirements. You can download and view the form below.

Why Is A First Report of Injury Important?

Essentially, the First Report of Injury tells insurance companies and the public how many workplace injuries occur every year.  A First Report of Injury does not official start a  work comp claim for an injured worker.  The injured worker must file a Claim for Compensation. However, the First Report of Injury provides notice to the insurance company to begin its investigation.  Workers Compensation insurance companies assemble teams of doctors, nurse case managers, lawyers and adjusters to fight against your claim and minimize your recovery.  This process begins before you even file your Claim for Compensation.  The insurance companies are ready to fight against injured workers – who is fighting on your team?

Missouri Work Comp Statistics

Download a copy of the Missouri Workers Compensation Report of Injury Form. The Missouri Department of Labor published this version in February 2016.  it is the current form as of April 2017.

First Report of Injury filings decreased by 2% from 2015 to 2016.  Employers and their work comp insurance companies file 98% of First Report of Injury forms electronically.

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