Enforcing Work Safety Rules

Missouri Work Comp Lawyers fight to enforce work safety rules to prevent injuries. Let’s work together to make those rules stronger and help employees learn the work safety rules.

Have you had a close call at work? All workplaces in Missouri must follow certain safety guidelines. These work safety rules are set by OSHA, state law, industry standards, and company policies. However, far too often companies do not enforce these work safety rules or do not train Let’s fight to stop close calls by implementing and training on better safety standards. Workers must be safe at work, but the company must properly train its employees on the required safety standards. Companies must also provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is specific to the job and the industry.

If your close call turned into an injury, you have rights under the Missouri Workers Compensation system. Hurt at work – we can help you assert and protect those rights. Call the BiState Law Center today to discuss your rights and how to win your Missouri Work Comp case.